Study: Suburban Districts Falter in Global Competitiveness

As policymakers debate potential changes to accountability under the No Child Left Behind Act, a new report from the George W. Bush Institute argues that even America's top school districts are "mediocre" compared to other industrialized countries.…

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Bush Institute Tackles Middle School Learning

Lest anyone thought President George W. Bush hasn't already had a pretty big impact on public education, courtesy of his signature No Child Left Behind Act, an institute created in his name is looking to extend that influence. Today, the George W. Bush Institute unveiled its second education initiative, this time focused on improving middle schools. (The first focuses on recruiting and training principals.)…

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Hold all schools accountable

In The Detroit News' story, 'No consensus on No Child Left Behind,' (March 24), a section was included that discussed the Obama administration's plan that tosses out the goal of all students being proficient by 2014 and instead focuses on all students graduating from high school prepared for a career and college. Annual testing would continue under his proposal, but the penalties for schools that don't meet benchmarks will be concentrated at the bottom 5 percent, leaving more flexibility with the states for the other 95 percent.…

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